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Our Adult Great Danes

Our Adult Great Danes are our pride and joy. They are the breed we first started with, because we had a Great Dane and loved him so much. We also heard so many horror stories from other Great Dane owners about there dogs dying young or having a ton of health problems, and we were so thankful for our healthy Dane. 

Our Adult Dogs, as well as their puppies are kept in our state of the art facility that includes indoor climate controlled enclosures with dog doors to outdoor enclosures that offer sun light, fresh air, and a spot to do their business as well as being able to run and play a bit. We also have a large exercise enclosure and a exercise plan for all of our dogs to have some wide open space to run each and every day. All of our animals have constant 24/7 access to fresh food and water. We clean every enclosure at least once a day to ensure our animals have the very cleanest environment possible. We also spend a large amount of time with our dogs including handling puppies so they will be properly socialized and be very confident, happy, and loving companions to their new family. Handling the puppies while they are young also helps them adjust to their new homes as quickly, and painlessly as possible.

Every one of our adult breeding dogs have been raised by us from birth, so we know them, have seen them grow up, and know before we even breed if there are any issues with each dog. We do this so that we can reliably provide the most healthy and loving puppies available anywhere!

Boulder Oaks Earl

This is Boulder Oaks Earl. He is only 2, but he is already 110 pounds and very tall. He is our pride and joy that came from a loving home in Kansas City, MO. He is so goofy at times, but very smart. He loves running through the fields and often gets the "zoomies and will run a half mile in under a minute. He loves chew toys and laying under the oak tree in front of our facility getting petted, and relaxing with our family.


Boulder Oaks Dani

This is Boulder Oaks Dani. She loves going for a walk around the property and is always running and frolicking about. She also loves lazing around the exercise yard with Boulder Oaks Earl. She is very sweet and is great with our kids who are 8, 4, and 3. She is very gentle with kids and is very gentle with her pups as well. She is one of the best mommas we have ever had and is very attentive to her pups.

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