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Rain World-PLAZA

The Rain Garden Plaza features a quarter-acre rain garden with a dry well to enhance groundwater recharge, a paved plaza area composed primarily of pervious pavers that allow water to pass through, and a shaded picnic area that serves as a quiet community gathering place.

Rain World-PLAZA

The Rain Garden Plaza demonstrates several ways that stormwater moves through natural terrain. The low-impact development features slow the flow of stormwater and allow it to be absorbed by native plants before making its way toward the lowest point of the site, the rain garden. This design mimics the natural processes that occur in undeveloped watersheds and serves as a model of how residential and commercial development projects can be designed to conserve water.

During its first rainy season in late 2012 and early 2013, the Rain Garden Plaza retained all water on-site from storms with one inch or less of rainfall during a 24-hour period. And 100 percent of the site runoff is treated in the stormwater quality features, avoiding costly underground mechanical devices.

In an area that lacked basic infrastructure, two mixed-use affordable housing developments brought improvements including new streets, drainage, and lighting. A complex mix of federal, state, and city funding, matched with private-sector loans, covered the costs.

Hundreds of thousands of revelers ushered in 2023 with a sea of sparkling fireworks and a sprinkling of raindrops Saturday night on the Strip, marveling at the show that went off without a hitch despite concerns about inclement weather.

Light rainfall started about an hour before showtime, with sprinkles falling on bejeweled crowds on the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas. Raindrops continued to fall in parts of the valley as the clock struck midnight, but the uncharacteristically wet weather did little to dampen spirits.

Contact Katelyn Newberg at or 702-383-0240. Follow @k_newberg on Twitter. Review-Journal staff writers Brett Clarkson, Sean Hemmersmeier, Jessica Hill, Lorraine Longhi, Jimmy Romo, McKenna Ross and Ricardo Torres-Cortez contributed to this report.

Hailed as one of the greatest movie musicals of all time, Singin' in the Rain tells the story of the golden age of Hollywood when silent films gave way to the "talkies". Everything you remember from the classic film is here from "Moses Supposes" to "Good Mornin" to "Fit as a Fiddle". Gene Kelly danced in real rain and so will we, raining right before your eyes on Plaza's center stage!Music by: Betty ComdenLyrics by: Adolph Green

Plaza Theatre Company is a non-profit theatre organization with an emphasis on musical theatre and plays. PlazaCo provides unique educational, training and performing opportunities for aspiring and culturally diverse artists, while growing new and existing audiences through quality theatrical experiences.

RAIN TOWNQuestsRAIN TOWNBGMPuddles :Event_puddles.oggRAIN TOWN is an optional location in OMORI and one of the subareas of ORANGE OASIS. It is a rainy town filled with multiple VEGGIE KIDS harvesting themselves. It is accessible from a pond found in ORANGE OASIS's center hub.

RAIN TOWN is a small grassy area that houses many VEGGIE KIDS. Within the town, there are four small plowed fields which are fenced up and arranged into a square formation. VEGGIE KIDS and what are presumably saplings of VEGGIE KIDS are planted within these fields. Puddles are present on the ground from the constant rain. A thick forest of trees acts as the boundary of the area.

In the top right, MARI and her picnic blanket can be found. Further to the right of the picnic blanket is a valve that can control the rain intensity of RAIN TOWN, but can only be turned by the Chosen One. If the player chooses the turn the valve to the right, then the atmosphere becomes more refreshing as less rain pours down on this area. However, if the valve is turned to the left, RAIN TOWN will be flooded by BLACK SPACE's dark energy.

This will also render the place inaccessible for the remainder of the game. However, it can still be revisited on ONE DAY LEFT of the OMORI ROUTE. When revisiting, the entire atmosphere of the town is dark and gloomy while it rains much harder than it had before. Along with that, all of the VEGGIE KIDS there are implied to have transformed into LILIS according to the game's data. The only option from there is to either fight the LILIS or simply leave the place to rot.

RAIN TOWN is an optional area that can be accessed by interacting with the pond in ORANGE OASIS. OMORI and friends can speak to the VEGGIE KID in the middle of the town, who tells them that although the rain in RAIN TOWN is now slightly uncomfortable for them, only the Chosen One is able to turn the valve to adjust the rain. This begins the quest RAIN TOWN.

If OMORI and friends turn the valve to the left, the rain severely worsens and floods RAIN TOWN, and RAIN TOWN is never seen again. This renders the area permanently inaccessible, unless you are in the OMORI ROUTE then you will be kicked out. Upon reentry, the place will be flooded with the SOMETHING variant, LILI.

One of the main goals of the renovation of Arthington Mall is to retain stormwater onsite by incorporating green infrastructure components such as native plant rain gardens. This area features over 11,000 square feet of rain gardens.

Oil, detergents, pesticides, and other chemicals picked up by rainwater runoff are a significant contributor to stormwater pollution. These depressed garden beds help to filter pollutants out of stormwater by trapping them in the soil where they break down over time.

The project is able to check the efficacy of the stormwater retention abilities of the rain gardens through a 2-year monitoring and model development program. This program quantifies the water balance for the site that will support the development of a hydrologic model to assess storm water reductions and changes to the water balance generated by the green infrastructure implementations.

Another effective means of green infrastructure is permeable pavement. Chicago has one combined system for sewage and rainwater, leading to sewage backups in basements and waterways during heavy rains. But, unlike traditional concrete, the spaces between these pavers allow water to infiltrate the soil, diverting rainwater from storm drains while also reducing urban flooding.

The renovation of Arthington Mall installed 10,350 square feet of permeable pavement while also reduced the square footage of impervious paving onsite by 19,000 square feet. This is predicted to increase the retention of 653,060 gallons of runoff water annually, or 188,709 per rain event.

Established native plants are great for urban ecosystems! They do not require any additional water as rainfall is enough to give the plants what they need. They also create a perfect habitat for local pollinators, helping to increase their populations and overall biodiversity.

The project requires UIC to follow a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Plan. Training for appropriate grounds keeping staff is an important component of long-term health of the areas. Green infrastructure is only effective at reducing stormwater runoff when it is properly maintained.

These conditions were followed by persistent weather patterns that produced storms over the same locations. Their persistent, repetitive nature and aerial extent throughout the late spring and summer, bombarded the Upper Midwest with voluminous rainfall amounts. Some areas received more than 4 feet of rain during the period. During June through August 1993, rainfall totals surpassed 12 inches across the eastern Dakotas, southern Minnesota, eastern Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. Many locations in the nine-state area experienced rain on 20 days or more in July, compared to an average of 8-9 days with rain. There was measurable rain in parts of the upper Mississippi basin on every day between late June and late July. The persistent, rain-producing weather pattern in the Upper Midwest, often typical in the spring but not summer, sustained the almost daily development of rainfall during much of the summer.

In early July, Iowa was hit with numerous record rainfalls. Storm totals of up to 8 inches were again common. Record flooding occurred on the Skunk, Iowa, and Des Moines Rivers. The city of Des Moines, Iowa, was particularly hard hit by flooding on July 9th. The flow from these rivers combined with already near-record flows on the Mississippi River to push the stage at St. Louis up to a new record high stage of 47 feet on July 20th.

Nobody visits the Disneyland Resort expecting someone to rain on their parade. While the majority of days will be sunny and pleasant at The Happiest Place on Earth, Mother Nature has been known to put a damper on things, especially between November and March. What can you do? If you happen to be visiting Disneyland in the rain, there is a bright side. We've experienced the park in our soggy, froggy rain boots a few times and have picked up some Disneyland rainy-day tips to keep you warm, dry and entertained. Plus, we have a list of our favorite Disneyland rainy-day rides!

As they say in the Enchanted Tiki Room, "every cloud has a silver lining." The rain keeps many locals away, as they have a hard time navigating the freeways at the first sign of the wet stuff. (I'm kidding, Southern California. You know I love you.) With the locals off the roads, out-of-town visitors have more of the parks to themselves and can enjoy shorter lines.

When it comes to umbrellas, bring one that is compact and folds down to a small size. That way, you can easily stow it when indoors or when the rain stops. One time, I brought a long umbrella to the park and its large handle was sticking out of my backpack. Let's just say it did not end well for some mugs in a gift shop when I walked by and accidentally knocked them all over.

Wearing a baseball cap or hat with a brim can also protect eyes and glasses from raindrops. A rainy day is also a good day to skip eye makeup or switch to waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I've found braids and ponytails make hair easier to deal with in the rain. 041b061a72


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