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Starting Over

As an album title, Starting Over can't help but carry connotations of an artistic rebirth, but three or four albums into his solo stardom, Chris Stapleton is in no position to rip it up and start again. Stapleton found his footing with 2015's Traveller and he's spent the years since digging deeper into his burnished groove, tying the binds between classic country, classic rock, and classic soul even tighter. A new beginning isn't in the cards for a singer/songwriter who has styled himself as an old-fashioned troubadour, an outlaw with a heart of gold singing sweet love songs as often as he kicks up dust. He's a traveler on a long road, not quite forging into undiscovered country as much as finding fresh routes through familiar terrain. Working once again with producer Dave Cobb, Stapleton underscores rootsy continuity not just with his own catalog, but with his idols. He takes the time to salute the pioneers who came before him by covering two Guy Clark songs here ("Worry B Gone," "Old Friends"), along with a deep John Fogerty solo cut that pairs quite nicely with the swampy choogle of the original "Devil Always Made Me Think Twice." The biggest nod to the past arrives through a couple of key members of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers joining the fold: Benmont Tench is on eight of the album's 14 songs, while Mike Campbell co-wrote two of the record's highlights, the funky vamp "Watch You Burn" and the rampaging "Arkansas." The former Heartbreakers are excellent foils for Stapleton and they also emphasize that he's a bit like Petty in how he revives sounds of the past for the present and in how he turns out reliably sturdy albums. Stapleton could use a bit of Petty's flair -- there's not a lot of humor here, nor are there any flirtations with modern sounds -- but his straight-ahead style nevertheless satisfies on Starting Over.

Starting Over


Instead of making a resolution, which most of us aren't all that great at keeping, why not look for some areas in your life where you'd like to begin anew? Here are some tools to make starting over a little easier and your new year a little more emotionally fit.

6.Remember that your future is not governed by your past. No matter what has happened in your life, you can find a way to make things a little better for yourself, and hopefully for those around you as well.

7.Having to start over is different from choosing to start over. For those whose lives are still in chaos because of manmade and natural disasters, starting over is not a choice. Giving support to those in need and being able to accept it when necessary are great qualities.

9.It's not all about joining a gym to get fit. What about taking a dance class to get in shape and have fun at the same time? Starting over can mean chasing your dreams. We're happiest when we're moving toward a goal.

10.Starting over is about giving yourself a chance at real happiness. You will have to be brave and get good at learning new things, but how bad can that be? At the very worst, you will acquire the skills you need to start on the next project.

We're also not sure where he's coming from nor where he's going. The Bergen character is a mess; are we supposed to take her songs of feminist self-discovery seriously, or is she a parody? The Clayburgh character's a little more three-dimensional, but we're never quite sure exactly why these people love each other because they never seem quite introduced to one another.

Change is inevitable. It often causes us to examine our values or re-evaluate our priorities. And sometimes, it leads us to this question: What should I do with my life? Should I start over in life? Where do I go from here?

For every Jonah, who spent his life getting over on people, there are the tons of solid firefighters Bobby has brought into his family. A group that has saved so many lives and helped to make the world a little less terrible.

Of course, they were unaware that Toni would pull the wool over their eyes and organize a surprise wedding for them, which was incredibly thoughtful and an excellent way to create a new memory and a new cherished day for the pair.

Taylor's Jonah story actually winds up being the thing they can't overcome. The story brings the heat down on Buck and the others and puts everyone in an awful position. Because whether or not someone else was going to publish the story, the information shared with Taylor was off the record, and she promised Buck she wouldn't run it.

Buck: This is literally our first argument all over again. Taylor: Which is why we shouldn't be having it. You knew who I was when we started dating. Buck: I guess I thought I could learn to live with it. Taylor: I don't want to be something you have to learn to live with. Buck: And I don't want to keep on making the same mistakes.

Well, that's the end of another exciting season of 9-1-1, folks! They were some highs and some lows, but the season ended on a good note. There are plenty of stories to carry over into next season and some new ones yet to be born.

There are several ways to start your Squarespace site over. You may want to update the content or style settings on a site you've already worked on, or create a new trial to start from scratch. This guide goes over the steps for each option.

When choosing templates, it can help to know about their unique features. Some templates support special options like page banners, background images, or index pages. Visit our list of options to find if any features stand out to you. You can also visit our template comparison charts for an overview of key options.

Fonts, colors, and other elements are styled individually, so there are multiple ways to reset or start over with new style settings. For example, you could keep your current color theme but reset your font pack to default settings. Follow the steps below for resetting different settings.

It's not necessary to start a completely new trial unless you're moving from Squarespace version 7.0 to version 7.1. If you have existing subscriptions and content on your site, we recommend redesigning the existing site rather than starting a new trial.

What we need to do is get good at starting, then starting again. And again. This is an incredible skill that becomes a superpower, when everyone else is wringing their hands about how much they suck at life, how difficult things are, how everything has fallen apart. Instead, we just focus on starting again, and let go of all the stress.

Scott Benner 0:06Welcome to the juice box podcast. I'm your host, Scott Benner. I first interviewed Jenny Smith, the CDE from integrated diabetes back in season one on episode 37. At that point, Jenny and I were just talking about different management ideas. But it was then that I realized how much we agreed about type one diabetes, and the management of the disease. I brought Jenny back on in Episode 105. And we really drilled down about a one sees what they were and what they weren't. After that second interview with Jenny, I decided that one day I would have her back on to discuss all of the diabetes management ideas that come up on the show, I wanted to break them down into small categories, something that was easily digestible, where we'd stay focused on just one idea, I wanted to create something that you could come back to, hopefully learn from, and if you found useful share with others simply. And so with that in mind, I give you the first in this 10 part series, diabetes pro tip for the newly diagnosed for those wanting to start over with Jenny Smith CD.

Jennifer Smith, CDE 3:02in a general way? Yes, I think especially for pumping is helpful in the beginning, because it does in that bazel only time period, it does give you a general idea of how things are being kept with the rate that that play, I do think that bazel testing needs to be more explained, let's say, when we are talking about pumping insulin, though, because there are as you know, a lot of variables that could be at play in that Barrett bazel testing time period, especially like from from a woman's standpoint, it could very much be that it's not the right time of the month to be bazel testing. Right? Right. Right. So all of these variants, or, or a kid or a teen who is a kid or a teen who is really athletic. Right, and there is a consistent effect of activity level. And it may be different on different days, but there could be overlap from a day ago that you had for our practice or a tournament. So bazel testing, as a general idea, yeah, it can be a really good place to start, especially if you think things are really off in a certain place of the day. But is it the end all be all of knowing where your insulin should be? Not 100% of the time and so

Scott Benner 4:28so what I end up telling people when I speak with them, is that you know, if you're having an issue and that issue could be anything like you're spiking at a meal, or you're you know, drifting high all the time, or you're incredibly high all the time, you know, any of those things. You have to first look at your basal insulin. It's it's absolutely falling away. The first thing I have to apologize to ardens texting me and I believe she's trying to tell me, it's lunch. Okay, so lunch question mark. So Arden has been sick the last couple of days and probably already kind of resistant like to, to her insulin a little bit. But we are ahead of it now. So she's 106 and stable now. But to give you an idea, she woke up at 110. By the time she was getting dressed, she was one to one. He then was this diagonal up, I bolused a unit and doubled her bazel for an hour. And 30 minutes later had to bolus two more units to get her back to this 106. Now, she never got over about 150. But she sees that rise every morning like that, that little bit of a rise. But this morning, I used I'm going to save three units more than I would normally use. Yeah, it's just because she's not feeling quite well.


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