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Cracker (1993) Subtitles

I have a few old DVDs from Denmark (I'm in the USA). They will play, but the subtitles won't show up even though the subtitle drop down menu on my DVD player shows it's set to show English subtitles. I just can't understand anything being said. Not all old discs are subtitled or closed captioned. Why do some classic TV shows and movies on DVDs not have subtitles? What to do if the old DVD has subtitles but won't display the sub?

Cracker (1993) subtitles

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Resort to a DVD copy software such as WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to convert your old movies/TV shows on DVDs to hard drive, flash drive or USB etc. for playback on computer, TV, mobile devices with selected subtitles or closed caption. If your DVDs have no subtitles, the program can add external subtitles to DVDs with a few clicks.

All films, clips, and slides must be subtitled or captioned in accordance with Federal Law and University policy. However, not all DVDs have subtitles, particularly older DVDs and VHS tapes that are often not captioned owning to tech issue.

The absence of subtitles on old DVD movies or old TV shows on DVD is due to the cost of subtitling. Some distributors released DVDs with no subtitles, not even a menu. It is estimated that the cost of subtitling would be covered by 20 extra sales.

Check if you've turned subtitles on. Your DVD player remote should include a subtitle button. Subtitles can be turned on or off by pushing the SUBTITLE button on the remote. When the DVD is loading, press Top or Pop up Menu, and select the titles on the DVD and click on Subtitles. You can also click on Subtitles in the DVD Player Settings. Note that make sure the classic movies or TV shows on DVD have subtitles. Check more fixes to DVD subtitles not showing up on TV.

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