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Use Cortana To Make Holiday Shopping Easier In Windows 10

Whereas Windows 8 uses the Start screen to launch applications, Windows 10 has reintroduced a more traditional Start menu. It's also been expanded to make it easier to find important apps.

Use Cortana to make Holiday Shopping easier in Windows 10


Instead of keeping everything open on the same desktop, you can move some of your windows to a virtual desktop to get them out of the way. And the new Task view feature makes it easy to manage all of your open windows.

Even better, the Edge engineers fine-tuned the browser to pare down some of the cruft, resulting in a relatively streamlined browser. Features like Collections and a new, integrated coupon feature helped make holiday shopping even easier.

The operating system is also getting more social. It's adding a tool to make sharing articles, pictures and messages easier. You'll be able to add your most important contacts to your desktop, and Microsoft will filter your Mail and Skype messages according to what it thinks you'll want first.

In 2016, the Amazon Echo line of devices appeared to have a great sales year, with the cheap Echo Dot smart speaker finishing out the holiday shopping season as the best-selling item on all of Forrester research estimates that 6 million Amazon Echo devices were sold by the end of 2016.

One of the best ways to make use of this is with personal device assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, or Alexa. They run based on voice-to-text, and all have grocery list integrations built in. The ability to tell the app to take things off or add them with your voice will make walking around the store a lot easier than manually typing and erasing items off of your grocery list.

We hope that helped you make a decision about a grocery list app that will make your life that much easier! If you need other time-saving apps to make daily tasks better, check out our articles on productivity. We have information about how to use dozens of other apps that can make running your household a breeze!

The default setting is not to receive a daily agenda but if you check the second radio button instead of the first, you can choose which of your calendars to draw from to make up the agenda. You might not want your agenda to include birthdays or national holidays, for example. 350c69d7ab


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