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Bronislav Prokhorov
Bronislav Prokhorov

[S2E2] The Knife's Edge

Feature-length single episode. A body is dredged up from the bottom of the Clyde, which becomes the eighth body dredged up in the past twelve months. Forensics reveal that an ice pick was used to commit the murder. DCI Taggart and DS Jardine set off on an investigation which takes them way beyond Glasgow and into the Scottish Highlands.

[S2E2] The Knife's Edge

(Includes bonus film from YETI.) Three weeks in, mental and physical struggles take their toll on the remaining participants. While the brutal reality of their situation consumes some, others battle deep conflicts that have them teetering on the edge of calling it quits.

Each sun sets on fewer elves. Our land is stained, our elders dead. Even our caves at the edge of the world have fallen to monsters. But we mustn't lose faith in a bright elven future. What has been need not always be.

He sees the anger and fear in Ciri, and, knowing she's on the edge of her powers, whatever they may be, he realizes that training will give her some sense of control to combat the anger and fear as well as actual control she'll hopefully be able to exert over her powers one day.

Roy has no idea where Abby could be. Later, Roy and Glenn have a drink and discuss Abby. Glenn reveals that Pewe has applied for a transfer back to the Met. Roy believes being here was pushing him over the edge.

The West Wing is easily one of the best series of all time. It's certainly one of the best written: Aaron Sorkin's dialogue has never been wittier. This was the show that actually introduced his famous walking, talking shots. The rapid-fire repartee is balanced by complex, likable characters and some truly tense, edge-of-your-seat plot lines.

We acknowledge the Brayakaulung people of the Gunaikurnai nation as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we dwell, Wurruk Wurruk, and their continuing connection to land, sea, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. 041b061a72


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