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Carissa Holds It 1 Bound2burst

Any of the ones where they wet or are incredibly desperate in long skirts/dresses like Wettest link, Taken (Tabitha and lola), Tickling Erika, Count to 3 and some of the "holds it for hours" videos too! The skirts collections are also amazing as well.

carissa holds it 1 bound2burst

Download Zip:

there was a video uploaded by somebody on pornhub of jasmine with somebody desperate to pee and she ends up squatting and peeing on the grass. it was a night time video but it definitely wasnt a bound2burst video as it was recorded on a mobile phone

The plot:It's Ten Amorette's (a.k.a. Rachael's) birthday! She and her friend Carissa are just finishing the preparations for her party. Rachael's closest friends will be arriving any minute and she is so excited. When a knock comes on the front door, the girls grin with delight as Carissa goes to greet the first guest. But when she opens the door, a man in an army camouflage uniform forces his way in and grabs her. He is a rogue mercenary who needs this location for a hit and the girls are just an incidental nuisance. Rachael comes to investigate Carissa's squeals, only to be told to go and find some rope and a bed sheet. The mercenary makes Rachael tie up Carissa and gag her; then it's Rachael's turn to be bound and gagged. She is no sooner trussed up and secure when another knock comes on the door; the first of Rachael's party guests has arrived. The mercenary hides behind the front door, and as he opens it jumps Amber as she enters. He repeats this with Lily Anna and finally Lola Lynn, until five women and tied up on the floor, mmmphing and struggling as the mercenary taunts them. When he leaves the room for a few minutes, the girls try to free one another and Ten makes a bid to reach the telephone in the kitchen, but the mercenary discovers her before she can raise the alarm. He throws her down on the floor and resumes his vigil from the window, not caring that he has five women bound and gagged at his feet.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,586.1 MB$9.99Amber Wells & Lily AnnaBored Housewives Remastered (MP4)Time: 34 minutes 27 secondsLily and Amber are bored. They are waiting for their partners to arrive home from a sports event to take them out for the evening, but they are always late getting back from these things. The girls start to talk about bondage, and Lily asks Amber if she has ever been tied up. When Amber agrees to try it, Lily takes her into the bedroom, gets her to take off her dress, then binds her hands and begins massaging her legs. After a while, she ties Amber's ankles and then places her in a hogtie. The girls are having fun together when someone bursts into the room, startling the two women. Lily can't believe it when this intruder tells her to undress and lay down beside her friend. He ties Lily up and explains to the women that someone will be along soon to transport them away to be held as hostages, while he intercepts their partners. He departs, leaving the girls to struggle and try to free one another.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,623.8 MB$7.99Amber Wells & Lily AnnaOffice Rivals & Rider's Revenge enhanced (MP4)Time: 19 minutes 07 seconds 1. Office RivalsLily has been able to keep her job at her office for a long time because she will not allow any competition to steal her thunder. Whenever someone new shows signs of usurping her, she finds a way to remove them discretely. The latest acquisition by the company is Amber, to whom the boss has taken a shine. Lily sees red. We join her at Amber's home where Lily has already grabbed her rival, secured her wrists with a zip tie and gagged her, and is now leading Amber to her car for a little trip to someone quiet. Amber tries to escape before Lily can push her into the car, but with her hands tied and high heels on her feet, she does not get far before Lily catches her and drags her back. Once she has Amber on the back seat of the car, Lily zip ties the girl's ankles together, then starts the engine and drives her away.2. Rider's RevengeLily is secretary of the riding school where she works, and she has discovered that Amber, a spoiled rich girl, has been bribing members of the board to vote her into the position of Club President. Lily confronts Amber and tells her she must withdraw from consideration or she will blow the whistle on her activities. Amber first mocks Lily, criticizing her inappropriate boots and lack of proper riding jacket, but when Lily threatens to expose her she tries to negotiate. Lily is furious, saying angrily that she cannot be bought. When she tries to leave to report Amber's illicit activities, Amber grabs her and wrestles her to the floor. Amber ties up Lily, wrists and ankles before placing her in a hogtie. To stop Lily's mouth, Amber gags her with duct tape. Standing with one foot on the bound Lily, as if it were a tiger she had bagged, Amber puts on her jacket and says she must go out for her two o-clock ride. As she tries to leave the house, however, she comes face to face with a stable hand whom she had reported for groping girls as he helped them to mount their horses. When Amber tries to dismiss him, he makes her go back into the house and binds her wrists and ankles with zip ties, gagging her with her own duct tape. He threatens to burn the house down with both of the women still inside, and departs to make arrangements. Amber, never one to pass up an opportunity, unties Lily's ropes, assuming that the club secretary will now side with her against this new common enemy. She can't believe it when Lily pushes her to the floor and walks out, leaving Amber zip tied and gagged.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 898.3 MB$6.99Amber Wells & Lily AnnaImposter enhanced (MP4)Time: 11 minutes 09 seconds Lily and Amber believe they are being interviewed for a job by a restaurateur, but during the interview Lily receives a phone call warning her that the real restaurateur has been found and that the man with them is an imposter. Lily gets up and tries to leave with Amber, but the imposter stops them. He is annoyed that they have discovered the truth because now he will have to find two other girls to take their places. He instructs them to remove their uniforms, and reluctantly the girls do so. He then makes Amber secure Lily's wrists and ankles with zip ties, followed by her own ankles. The imposter puts a zip tie around Amber's wrists and gags them both before collecting up their clothes and leaving. The girls head for the kitchen and find some scissors and cut one another loose before running to a land line and calling the cops.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 525.7 MB$5.99Lily Anna, Amber Wells, Paige Turner, Becky LeSabreCarissa Montgomery & Shauna RyanneFrom the Archives: Four Arrests Volume 1 (MP4)Time: 37 minutes 39 secondsThis movie contains four complete movies from the period 2010-2011, all remastered from the original recordings. These videos were recorded with aspect ratio 4x3, and this has been upscaled to fit a 1920x1080 pixel frame. Filters have been applied to smooth the data while sharpening pixels; color has been balanced and sound has been augmented. There are in fact three arrests and one failed arrest where poor Carissa ends up handcuffs and zipped in the snow, while it was snowing. She could only stand it for a few minutes (it was very cold that day). 1. Pulled Over (Lily Anna & Amber Wells)Lily Anna is pursued by a cop and made to pull over. The cop, Amber, comes to the window and explains that she ran Lily's plate and the results came back showing that she has a large number of unpaid parking tickets. She demands the girl's license, registration and proof of insurance. After running the paperwork, the cop informs Lily that her driver's license is forged. She instructs Lily to get out of the vehicle, reading her her rights as she puts her in handcuffs, then loads her into her police vehicle. It looks like Lily is in a lot of trouble. 2. Late For Her Flight (Paige Turner & Becky LeSabre)Paige is an flight attendant who is anxious to get to the airport before her flight departs without her and she gets fired. In her haste, she speeds and gets pulled over by a cop (Becky). When it transpires that Paige's driver's license has lapsed, the cop makes her step out of the car. When she starts to argue, Becky decides to arrest her and turns her around, kicking her legs apart before she applies handcuffs to Paige's wrists and reads the woman her rights. When Paige is still confrontational, Becky decides to show her what getting frisked is really all about.3. Officer in the Snow (Carissa Montgomery)Officer Montgomery is investigated the reported disappearance of a woman, and goes to interview her boyfriend. The boyfriend says he has not seen her for weeks, but when the officer sees women's clothing in a bag on the floor, she tries to arrest the boyfriend. He manages to get the upper hand and locks the police woman in her own handcuffs. He gags her with duct tape, marches her outside into the snow and zip-ties her ankles together, leaving her there to freeze.4. Taken Into Custody (Shauna Ryanne)Shauna is pursued by a cop car because she has been speeding. The clip opens with Shauna still driving and the cop car following behind her, siren blaring. Rather than stop on the roadside and because she is so close to home, Shauna keeps going, hoping that she is mistaken and the cop simply wants to get past. When he follows her into her driveway she knows she is in trouble. She acts innocent as he asks for her driving license and registration documents. When it turns out that Shauna's license has just expired, the cop makes her step out of the vehicle where he handcuffs the indignant woman. She keeps challenging his right to treat her this way, then foolishly decides to make a run for it on foot. The cop chases her and brings her back, securing her ankles in leg irons now to prevent her running off again. After waiting for another police car to come and take her in to the station, Shauna decides to try getting into her house where she plans to lock the door on the cop. Unfortunately, her keys are still in her car and the door to the house is locked. The cop makes her get into his vehicle where he warns her not to make things worse for herself. After he shuts the door on her, Shauna goes on struggling with her handcuffs and leg irons, but her efforts to get free are futile, condemning her to a night in jail.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,754.0 MB$10.99Amber WellsTest of Loyalty enhanced (MP4)Time: 26 minutes 26 seconds Amber works as a ballerina in a dance company, but the organization is actually a cover for the illegal distribution of controlled substances. Desperately in need of money, Amber has reluctantly agreed to act as a courier. She has been instructed to go to a particular address to deliver a consignment. To compensate for her nervousness on this first job, she dresses up in leather to make herself look more confident and assertive. When she meets the Receiver, he asks her for a password which she supplies. Invited to enter, however, Amber tries to back away, having changed her mind. The Receiver persuades her to stay. As he inspect the consignment, Amber nervously admits that this is her first time doing this kind of thing. At this point, the Receiver tells her that he is actually an FBI Agent and that she is under arrest for trafficking controlled substances. Amber begs for clemency, but when asked to give up the name of the man at the top, she refuses out of fear for her safety. Amber is handcuffed and made to sit in a chair, her legs tied to the chair legs with zip ties. She is then gagged and given time to reconsider. If she helps the authorities, she will receive a lighter sentence. At last, Amber agrees to cooperate and is asked to speak to the boss and lure him to the house. She does as she is asked, only to learn that the man holding her captive is not an FBI Agent, but the real Receiver. Because she can't be trusted, Amber will now have to be disposed removed. She is tied to a pole in the basement and a device is placed on a stool in front of her. The Receiver starts the countdown and departs thinking he will make a clean getaway. Amber panics, seeing no way out of her terminal predicament. When the sound of shouting voices reaches her, she realizes the police are here and does her best to attract their attention before it is too late.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,225.9 MB$7.99Amber Wells, Lily Anna & Jasmine St JamesGetaway Guest House Remastered (MP4)Time: 38 minutes 17 seconds Remastered from the original recording. Noise reduction using "Neat".Lily and Amber are on their way to a weekend retreat called the Getaway Guest House. It is a place with no TV, no phones, no internet. Truly, a place to get away from it all. Lily stays outside trying to get a signal on her cellphone, but the proprietor explains that there is reception. Looking around, Lily says she will walk up to the top of a nearby ridge to see if she can get a signal there. The proprietor says she can try as he leads Amber into the house. Lily starts off up the hill and gets a weak signal part way up. She tries to make her call but the signal is fading in and out. Before she can establish a good connection, a man runs out of the trees behind her, grabs her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. Soon, Lily is lying in the grass and the man begins dragging her towards the house. From the living room of the guest house, Amber sees what is happening to her friend and exclaims to the proprietor, only to have a cloth pressed over her nose and mouth too. The women recover in the basement where the proprietor and his sidekick are in the process of tying them up, Lily to a pole and Amber to a stool. They both protest, and when this does not work they try pleading with the men to let them go. This only leads to them both being gagged with duct tape. They hear the proprietor say to his colleague that another one is expected the following day, a redhead, which will complete the order. The girls are horrified as they realize they are to be sold as slaves. They are so securely tied that escape seems almost impossible. All they can do is wait for the following day and hope that whoever arrives next will manage to get away from the Getaway Guest House and raise the alarm. The following morning, Lily and Amber have been untied and permitted to use the bathroom. Now the proprietor of this shady guest house now makes them change into sexy clothing (on screen) before they are marched back down to the basement and both tied to chairs (tying is performed on screen). The two men have almost finishing tying up their victims when they hear a loud hammering on the front door of the house. Both Amber and Lily, not yet gagged, both cry out to attract attention. The men clamp hands over their mouths to silence them, gagging them with duct tape to keep them quiet before the proprietor goes to investigate. He expects that this will be his latest guest, a redhead who booked a weekend away from it all, but instead it turns out to be a Detective Jasmine who is asking about a missing woman named Lily.1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,777.2 MB$8.99Amber Wells, Hannah Perez & Beverly BacciTerrible Traps (MP4)Time: 51 minutes 44 seconds1. Deadly TrapFive years ago, Amber was a key witness in a trial that sent Lily Michaels to prison. Now, Lily wants revenge. She forces her way into Amber's home and overpowers her, tying her up (wrists & ankles at first, then gagging her and placing her in a hogtie). She torments Amber for a few minutes before saying she has to leave for a while to make preparations in the basement. Amber struggles desperately to free herself, afraid of what this psychotic woman may do to her. After a while, Amber is able to reach a critical knot and manages to get loose. She runs from the house but does not get far before Lily comes after her. Lily calls for Amber to stop, and glancing back Amber can see that she is armed. Amber squats down and uses the precious few seconds she has to scrawl a short message in the snow. Lily orders her back into the house and down to the basement. There, Amber is horrified to see the contraption Lily has assembled. Attached to the top of a pole and pointed at the stool where Lily forces Amber to sit is something perilous that makes Amber sit very still indeed. Lily ties Amber up again as she stares into the muzzle, daring not to move as Lily attached string to the garage door handle, passing it around the trigger before wrapping the other around Amber's neck. She warns Amber not to move or she may set off the trigger. Lily, gloating now, explains that she wants revenge but she can't be the one to shoot Amber, hence this elaborate device to ensure that Amber's husband will do the deed for her when he arrives home and opens the garage's inner door. Grinning with satisfaction, Lily climbs the stairs to take her leave while the helpless Amber looks on. Will her partner inadvertently blow her up, or will her message in the snow be seen in time? Price of DishonestyBeverly is a thief who takes advantage of the situation at parties where she can slip away unseen for a few minutes and steal jewellery from bedrooms. On this occasion, however, she has miscalculated; she is attempting to rob the same household twice, but the man who threw the party is on to her. He enters his bedroom as she is loading valuables into her purse and catches her red-handed. He says he plans to teach Beverly a lesson for stealing from her so-called friends. He handcuffs her to a chair and leaves her there until the party is over. By the morning, Beverly is tied to a stool and terrified to move - string is fastened around her neck and attached to the trigger of a gun mounted on a stand in front of her. The hammer is already cocked so the slightest pressure will make the weapon discharge. As he cleave gags her, the man tells her that she needs to sit very still, and that she must sit there all day until he comes home from work. Only then will he decide whether or not to summon the police, or keep her prisoner for further punishment. He wants to ensure that she fully pays the price for her dishonesty. After he leaves for work, Beverly starts carefully working on her bonds. She is tightly tied and progress is very slow. Hours pass and she is almost falling asleep. Several times she catches herself before she puts too much tension on the string attached to her neck. Finally, she manages to free her hands and untie the string from her throat. After she releases herself from the stool, she hurries out of the house, cursing the fact that she must abandon her purse. Lethal AssassinA known industrial spy has stolen some highly sensitive documents from a company which does not want their contents to be made public. The company has an assassin to recover the stolen documents and then dispose of the problem. Hannah arrives at the spy's house, and as soon as he answers the door she forces her way inside, threatening and demanding to know where the stolen papers are hidden. The spy involuntarily betrays the hiding place, or so it seems, and Hannah crosses to the cabinet where he glanced, keeping him covered all the way. She is trying to keep an eye on him as she opens the drawer, and so she is caught off guard when a jet of gas erupts from its interior, hitting her in the face. Hannah staggers back, her vision blurring, firing a shot in the hope of hitting the spy, but she misses and falls to the floor, sinking qu


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