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Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez

Underdog By L.A. Witt ((EXCLUSIVE))

We were blessed to learn so many valuable lessons from Nora the matriarch of our family during her 95 years: her unquestionable love for her family, her immeasurable faith in God, her quirky and witty humor, her strength and fortitude, and Psalm 23

Underdog by L.A. Witt


Baylor was the underdog. All year they had battled through games, the pitching staff pulling them through. But there they were, on the greatest stage in collegiate baseball, against the No. 1 team in the country, knowing they had what it took to beat them.

"They're underrated in a sense thatnot everyone is talking about them, but the people that are, understand they'reon the come up," Witt said. "I really feel as though UNLV as awhole has this mentality of determination and drive, where bigger schools haveit as well but being an underdog -- which I know personally -- is a really bigdrive to be the best." 041b061a72


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