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Places That Buy Old Clothes [VERIFIED]

Marine Layer is a clothing retailer that recycles old t-shirts through their Re-Spun program. You can drop off t-shirts at one of their locations or you can ask for a free mailing kit. They recycle the tees into yarn and even make new t-shirts with the recycled material. For every shirt you recycle with them, they give you a $5 credit to spend on new clothing. They do have a cap of $25, or five tees.

places that buy old clothes

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If you want a bit more value for your clothing, you may want to consider selling it on Tradesy. You choose the clothing you want to get rid of, then select what price you want for it. The company lets you pick how you want to ship the clothes to the buyer. They even process and pay for return shipping if someone returns your items. Tradesy takes commission from each sale, which ranges from $7.50 for items under $50 to 19.8% commission on higher ticket items.

While not all donated second hand clothes find a second home, the unsold stuff from organizations like Salvation Army and Goodwill typically go to for-profit clothes recycling centers, such as Viltex.

Hey great suggestions! You should check out as well! It lets you swap clothes and anything else for free! Plus SwapaBee is really into helping people through charity and stopping world wide waste! I highly recommend checking it out!

At this same time, I started my journey to getting out of debt. Donating my clothes would be the quickest way to get them out of my house but I also wanted to make some cash for my first emergency fund.

I have found that selling used clothes will give you the most profit when selling at a variety of places. Instead of focusing on one platform to sell, focus on selling your items on many platforms to expand your reach.

After that, you will be able to purchase resell insurance. This means that items that were not accepted will be returned to you for a fee of $10.99. If not, ThredUp will keep your items and donate them accordingly.

With the advancement of technology, selling your used clothes is easy, quick, and painless. The places listed above will really help you reach your financial goals sooner by allowing you to make some extra cash.

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Located up near Round Rock, Just Between Us is a consignment boutique offering seasonal ladies' and juniors' apparel, leather, purses, and belts. Unlike many resale stores that buy your clothes outright, Just Between us consigns all clothing, offering consignors a 40% split that they pay out monthly.

Of course, you still have to know how to take care of your clothes in order to ensure their longevity, but the fact that these clothes are so well made, already makes clothes maintenance a lot easier.

If you need some ideas for places to buy secondhand clothing, check out your local thrift shops, garage sales, an online marketplace such as Facebook, and Poshmark for another online secondhand market!

Poshmark is a great place to buy second-hand clothes with affordable shipping costs, and quick delivery. You can also find new clothing on Poshmark that even still have the tags but at a super discounted price.

Here, secondhand fashion buyers, sellers, and execs spill market-tested tips for making a sale, plus share their favorite places to sell, both online and IRL. Ready, set, go give that pile of clothes in your closet a sustainable second life.

When deciding which items to list, you'll want to be realistic about what actually has a chance of selling. Anything that has prominent holes, discoloration, or stains will be better off recycled. "A good rule of thumb is to imagine you're giving these clothes to your BFF," Madeline Cronin Aaronson, brand director at online consignment and thrift store thredUP, tells mbg. Give any items that make the cut a good wash before listing them. You'll also want to get rid of any stains, mend holes and rips, and cut any loose threads.

Photos that you take yourself will typically be better than stock photography pulled from online, as it shows you actually own the garment and are not just selling new garments directly from a brand (a growing concern in the secondhand space, called "drop shipping").

Sustainable fashion advocate of Acteevism Megan McSherry has also found success photographing her pieces on actual humans. "I've had countless items that I'd taken pictures of hanging up or flat-laid on the ground that were not selling; there was no interest," she tells mbg. "Then when I just retook photos of me wearing them, they immediately sold."

Once you have a clear cover photo that captures what the item looks like on, Chloe Baffert, a merchandising and curation expert at Poshmark, recommends snapping a few shots that speak to the details of the piece.

Poshmark allows sellers to post up to eight of these extra photos, and Baffert says that listings with at least four pictures are 70% more likely to be sold on the platform. Another Poshmark ambassador, Suzanne Butler, says she always includes shots of her garment's front, back, label, and care tags, for example.

From there, you can check how much money similar items have sold for recently. If a pair of used jeans sold for $60, for example, you could start your listing at $75, knowing that you can always lower the price as time goes on.

Each platform will have a slightly different clientele, so something that's super hot on one might be a dud on the other. That being said, there are a few categories that are almost always popular across the secondhand market and therefore have a higher chance of being sold.

These include gently used sneakers (since they can be tough to find IRL thrift stores), vintage items ("We've seen vintage sales increase 85% over the past two years," notes Baffert of Poshmark), occasion dresses for weddings, seasonal items (sunglasses in the summer, puffers in the winter), and anything that's trending on TikTok.

If you're confident in your post and pricing, McSherry adds that simply resharing the listing so it appears on the top of your seller page can also help. Sharing your listing on Pinterest or another social media site can also give it a quick boost, Butler's found.

As secondhand fashion continues to have its rightful moment in the sun, dozens of online marketplaces have emerged to help people list their used clothes. These five come recommended by people with tons of experience selling.

The unique thing about thredUP is that they list your clothes for you. All you do is put everything you're hoping to sell in one of their free clean-out bags, send it in with a prepaid shipping label, and wait to hear back on which items they've accepted and will put on sale.

Though it requires photographing and pricing your own pieces, McSherry has had a lot of success using Poshmark to sell basics from classic name-brand items that people will recognize, like J Crew, Gap, and LOFT. Aaronson adds that capsule wardrobe items from brands like Cuyana and Jenni Kayne, as well as athleisure, are also popular on the platform.

McSherry appreciates that Poshmark makes it easy to relist items that haven't been quick sells. The marketplace also features a nifty "Reposh" feature that lets you automatically re-list anything that you bought on Poshmark and are ready to part ways with.

Depop is popular among younger shoppers looking for unique secondhand finds they can't get anywhere else. (90% of the company's active users are under 26.) "It's more aesthetics-based," notes McSherry, who has found that taking the extra time to style your clothing is super important on this platform. But if you can help shoppers imagine how your listing will fit into their closets, she says it's possible to make a good profit on each sale.

The listing possibilities are really endless for eBay. Besides clothes, you might have success selling household items like electronics, appliances, and even old VHS tapes and CDs. Once you decide what to sell, Chanel appreciates eBay's filter feature that allows you to see how much money similar items have sold for recently. You can either set your own price or opt for an auction-style listing where buyers bid on your items for a set number of days.

If you have sneakers or streetwear to sell, StockX is a marketplace to check out. The platform specializes in collector's clothing and gets a bit more involved in each sale to make sure that every item listed is legit.

StockX handles matching buyers who create a bid on a particular item (say, a Supreme T-shirt for $75) and a seller who has that item and will accept that price. Once a match is made, the seller will send the item to StockX, where they'll authenticate it and handle sending it out to the buyer.

If online selling isn't for you, you can also try to make an in-person sale at a secondhand retailer. The benefit of this approach is that you can sell a bunch of items at once and get paid right away. The risk is that there's no guarantee the retailer will accept what you're selling.

Meeting up with friends for a clothing sale or swap is also an option, and you can always look to donate any clothes that you don't need to make a profit on. Recycling can be a last resort for clothes that are no longer fit to wear.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on July 5, 2022. A previous version of this article indicated that vintage clothing sales have increased by 85% on thredUP over the past two years. We have since clarified that vintage clothing sales have increased by 85% on Poshmark over the past two years. 041b061a72


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