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Bus Simulator 2012 English Patch 124

congress specified that the provisions of the civil rights act of 1964 be implemented by the eeoc to carry out the purposes of the act. see 42 u.s.c. 2000e.a.8. in its policy guidance, the eeoc explains that the four main purposes of title vii are:

Bus Simulator 2012 English Patch 124

eeoc v. walden book co., 885 f. supp. 921, 927 (m.d. tenn. 1995) (quoting 29 c.f.r. 1606.7(b)); see also lutheran social servs. ass'n v. pacific law enforcement ins. co., 119 f. 2d 1235, 1255-56 (d. minn. 2000) (holding that language is not mandatory, and is unrelated to the terms and conditions of an individual's employment, and that 'the fact that languages other than english are spoken in the workplace does not necessarily establish a national origin or other anti-discrimination violation); maldonado v. colorado dept. of health, 157 f. 2d 1150, 1166 (d. colo. 2000) (holding that english-only rule of colorado human rights commission did not violate title vii or the equal protection clause because it was a nondiscriminatory rule that regulated matters outside the employee's terms and conditions of employment).

other authority recognizing that "title vii does not prohibit.. [a] policy that requires employees to perform their job duties in english only, even if certain employees desire to converse in their native language" is available in english, spanish, afar, and arabic on the eeoc's website at: (last visited october 19, 2016). in addition, a flyer that provides information about the federal prohibition on discrimination based on national origin in employment is available in afar, chinese, english, hmong, and spanish on the eeoc's website at: (last visited october 19, 2016). the flyer states that title vii's prohibition against national origin discrimination extends to discrimination "based on the use of a person's language" and that national origin discrimination may include the failure of an employer to make reasonable accommodations in the effective conduct of an employee's work.

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