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Bronislav Prokhorov
Bronislav Prokhorov

New Service Repair Stations V1.01 1.45

FedEx Print Return Label is ideal for retail products, legal documents, pharmaceuticals, and warranty/repair services. Use the Create Shipment endpoint to print a return label and include it in the original shipment to your customer or send it separately. To use the print return label, your customer simply prepares their package for shipping and applies the return label. Then they may tender the FedEx Express U.S. or international package, or FedEx International Ground package to FedEx by scheduling a pickup, using a regular scheduled pickup, or visiting a FedEx drop-off location.

New Service Repair Stations v1.01 1.45

VIDA cloud is an exclusive interface that engages the rider, vehicle and the service backend to enhance efficiency and reinforce the worry-free experience. The technology interfaces through Augmented Reality, Prognostics, remote diagnostics to repair on-site, book a charging station slot, the analytics, machine learning enhances the ownership experience of the rider. 041b061a72


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