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Buy Rip Curl Gps Watch

Features:One Touch Auto-Set for 1400 tide locations, Track every wave with assisted GPS, Tide data and live wind and swell conditions for your closest surf break, Sync your surfs to the Cloud, Waterproof tested up to 100 meters (330 feet) and backed with a limited five-year worldwide warranty, 1400 pre-programmed global tide locations, Detailed tide, wind and swell displays, Future tide function, Day, date, calendar, alarm, stopwatch, moon phase, sunrise/set times, stopwatch and countdown timer, EL backlight, Invert LDC display positive or negative LCD screen display, Rechargeable battery

buy rip curl gps watch


You can now re-live your top speed, distance paddled, wave count and session time. Review your surfing stats live from the lineup as your watch connects to satellites orbiting the earth and calculates your speed, duration and distance.

When it comes to buttons, there are only 3 buttons on the watch. The large one on the left hand side basically acts as the menu and select button, whilst the two smaller ones on the right hand side allow you to toggle through the options.

However given the price point and limited functionality outside of surf tracking I still have to say that the Apple Watch is still my go to surf watch. Plus the Apple Watch (especially with the new Solo Loop band) is much more comfortable and stylish.

SYSTEM RESET the watch under MENU > SETTINGS > SYSTEM RESET. This will clear all surfs off the watch and make the upgrade process much faster.

Ah yes, the durability of the watches. For years, the Rip Curl GPS was a clear winner. However, in September 2022 Apple released their Apple Watch Ultra. This watch was designed to withstand the gnarliest of conditions and gives the Rip Curl GPS a run for its money. Apple Watch Ultra is built with a titanium case and sapphire screen. The Rip Curl GPS is made of polyurethane, nylon, and plastic. Both watches have a max depth of 100 meters, and both watches should hold up in any condition.

On the other hand, Rip Curl GPS Search 2 tracks your session equally as well as Apple Watch without all the flash and extra noise. If you're looking for a non-flashy watch that's completely capable of doing its job, Rip Curl GPS is a great option. 041b061a72


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