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Deposit to Hold

Our upfront deposit to hold a puppy is $200. If a customer has to back out then this helps cover the cost of the health certificate, vet visit, washing the puppy, as well as the lost revenue from holding a puppy when someone else would have bought it. The Deposit is Non-Refundable but it does apply to the purchase price. Once we have received the deposit we can schedule a vet exam and get the State Certified Health Certificate and schedule shipping or a pickup time. 

Health Certificate and Vet Examination

The Health Certificate is legally required for puppies leaving the State of Missouri. It is a State of Missouri document signed by our veterinarian stating that the pup is in good health and that it has no diseases or parasites. It lets the new owner know that the vet has cleared the pup and completely checked it out and made sure it is in perfect health. We also have a fecal test done on every pup to make sure they don't have any parasites when they leave. Also the Health Certificate requires a full examination by the vet before he signs the paperwork. 


We do offer shipping and it is usually $450 for Air Shipping or $650 for Ground Shipping. With Air Shipping your pup will arrive, at your nearest major airport, the day after he leaves us, usually on a Tuesday or Friday. With Ground Shipping they arrive sometime during the week depending on traffic and other stops so they are unable to give you an exact day and time until the day before they arrive. However, with Ground Shipping the pup is delivered directly to your door.

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