Our Story

Me and my Wife have been breeding dogs since July of 2014. We started with Great Danes and then moved on to Golden Retrievers. Breeding AKC registered dogs has been a family business for over 40 years as my grandma began breeding in the 1980s. Then my sister began breeding in 2006 and bred Labradors, Boxers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shorthairs. After me and my wife were married she fell in love with breeding so we started with great danes and then due to the sometimes colder climate where we live, and the fact that we have more experience with them, we changed to golden retrievers. All of our dogs are Full AKC registered and we only sell AKC registered puppies. All of our puppies come with a 1 year health gaurantee, a baggie of dog food and anew owner packet, that includes some training info as well as their AKC papers, a shot record, and a bill of sale. We are a small batch breeder that spends a lot of time with our dogs and we strive to offer the best customer service to new owners. We are working on our USDA and Missouri state breeders license and are constantly updating our facilities and will be building a new state of the art facility next year. We would love to get you a new best friend!

Our Animal Care Team

Our Animal Care Team including Me, My Wife, and Our Veterinarian who sees all of our dogs and all of our puppies before they go to their new homes.

Joel Ponting
Violet Ponting

Co-Owner/Animal Care Expert

Joel helps keep our facility cleaned and does any necessary maintenance. He also works on expanding the pens and making them bigger so our animals have lots of room to run, Joel also keeps us compliant with state and federal laws and regulations, and markets the puppies. He also answers questions about our dogs and puppies as well as Golden Retrievers in general, and provides excellent customer service.    

Co-Owner/Animal Care Expert

Violet takes care of our dogs day and night. She checks on them many times per day, making sure our facility is always clean and sanitized. She also ensures that our animals always have access to lots of clean fresh water and good, nutritious food. She also handles and excercises our dogs and puppies, and makes sure they are well socialized.

Geoff Green D.V.M.

Our Veterinarian

Geoff is the best vet  we have ever used. He will answer his phone anytime day or night and do anything he can to save an animal. He is extremely caring and takes great care of our dogs and puppies, from checkups and rabies shots to surgeries and parasites, he has us covered.