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We have a state of the art kennel facility with 16 dedicated breeding and whelping units that consist of a indoor area that is climate controlled and kept clean as well as a large outdoor run that is pressure washed daily. We have a vigorous pest and insect control program that keeps flys, ticks, and fleas away. We are proud to say that we never find ticks on our dogs or pups, and have never found a single flea in our entire kennel. The entire kennel facility is surrounded by an additional perimeter fence that creates a wonderful exercise yard for our pups and their parents to run an obstacle course and play. Our pups are inspected daily and there weight and body temperature is monitored daily to ensure healthy pups.

We do not allow the public to visit our facility to prevent the spread of parvovirus and other diseases as Puppies have no resistance to parvo until they are at least 16 weeks old. We give our pups Neopar vaccines to give them some immunity by 8 weeks as the regular parvo vaccine is given at 8 weeks but
doesn't provide any immunity until 2 weeks later as it takes time to take effect. However you can rest assured that we are accountable for the condition and cleanliness of our facility as we are licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture AND the United States Department of Agriculture. This means we are inspected at least twice a year by government inspectors and they look at the entire facility as well as every dog and every pup and they make sure our paperwork is in order. These are un-announced inspections so we never know when they are coming. We take pride in our facility, our licenses, our pups, and their parents.

Some of our adults are OFA certified and we are working on getting them all OFA certified for hip and elbow
dysplasia, as well as cardiac OFA certification. We are also starting to DNA testing for any genetic disease markers.

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