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The Great Dane

The Great Dane is an iconic family dog. From Marmaduke to Scooby Doo, they have always been big, lovable, goofy dogs, with a knack for making folks laugh. They are huge and energetic but still manage to be sweet enough to earn the name "Gentle Giant". They are very loyal to their people and make great great companions for children. Even small children do fine with these dogs that are 5 times their size because they are so laid back and loving.

The Apartment Great Dane

Great Danes are some how perfect apartment dogs even though they are massive and enjoy running. This due to there historic roots when they laid in front of castles for most of the day. As much as they enjoy a run that will get them around a city block in under a minute, they also love laying around the house for most of the day.


The Gentle Giant

These massive dogs that are so incredibly fast and often weigh 5 to 10 times a small child, have earned the name "Gentle Giants". They are very attentive to the needs of others, including small children. They are so loving that many people call them their baby sitter. They make great family dogs because they are much harder for a child to hurt due to their size. They are very resilient, hearty dogs, and when bred properly, Live long and healthy lives, with little to no maintenance. They shed very little and due to their short coat you rarely see them shedding at all.  

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