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The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an amazing addition to any family. They are very smart, loyal, and loving companions. They were bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters, but due to the reputation as smart dogs that are easy to train and have a very keen sense of smell, they have become so much more. They are used as therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs, allergen detection dogs, and they are even used for bomb and explosives detection. They also make wonderful pets!

A Golden Retriever traveling with his owner to Hoi An, Vietnam
Dog at the window

The Apartment
Golden Retriever

Having a Golden Retriever in an apartment is easier than most people think. While they do have lots of energy going for a walk or two every day will give them the exercise they need and the occasional park visit will keep them socialized. As much as they love running they also love laying around with their people and because they are so easy to train they are well suited to the apartment environment.


Golden Retrievers love playing fetch and its something they are very good at so a trip to the park or the backyard with a ball will provide you and your new puppy hours of fun. 

Fetching a Stick
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