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The Best Sites to Download Udta Punjab 1080p Hindi Movies in 2023

Udta Punjab 1080p Hindi Movies: A Review of the Controversial Bollywood Film

Udta Punjab is a 2016 Indian crime drama film that explores the issue of drug abuse among the youth population in the state of Punjab. The film is directed by Abhishek Chaubey, co-written by Sudip Sharma, and produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Sameer Nair and Aman Gill under Balaji Motion Pictures in association with Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and Vikramaditya Motwane under Phantom Films. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh in the lead roles.


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The Plot

The film follows four different characters whose lives are affected by the drug menace in Punjab. Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is a popular Punjabi singer who is addicted to cocaine and lives a lavish lifestyle. His addiction costs him his music contract and lands him in jail. He escapes from prison with the help of his fans and tries to redeem himself by singing against drugs.

Kumari Pinky (Alia Bhatt) is a migrant laborer from Bihar who works in the fields of Punjab. She finds a packet of drugs thrown by Pakistani smugglers across the border and decides to sell it to make money. However, she is caught by a gang of drug dealers who brutally rape her and keep her captive. She manages to escape and meets Tommy, who helps her get revenge on her tormentors.

Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) is a junior police officer who is corrupt and turns a blind eye to the drug trafficking in his area. His younger brother Balli (Prabhjyot Singh) is a drug addict who overdoses on heroin and ends up in a hospital. Sartaj realizes his mistake and joins hands with Dr. Preet Sahani (Kareena Kapoor), a doctor who runs a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Together, they try to expose the nexus between the politicians, police and drug lords.

The film shows how the lives of these four characters intersect and how they fight against the drug problem in their own ways.

The Controversy

Udta Punjab faced a lot of controversy before its release due to its sensitive subject matter and its portrayal of Punjab. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), India's censor board, demanded 89 cuts in the film, including deleting references to Punjab, politics, drugs and expletives. The CBFC also asked for a disclaimer stating that the film does not promote drug use or defame Punjab.

The producers challenged the CBFC's decision in the Bombay High Court, which ruled in their favor and allowed the film to be released with only one cut and three disclaimers. The court also criticized the CBFC for acting like a "grandmother" and interfering with the creative freedom of filmmakers.

However, even after getting clearance from the court, the film faced another hurdle when it was leaked online two days before its release. The producers alleged that it was an act of sabotage by some vested interests who wanted to harm the film's prospects. They also filed a complaint with the cyber crime cell and urged people not to watch or download the pirated version of the film.

The Reception

Despite all the obstacles, Udta Punjab released on 17 June 2016 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its direction, story, screenplay, music and performances of the cast. The film was also appreciated for its bold and realistic depiction of the drug issue in Punjab and its social message.

The film was a commercial success as well, earning approximately 960 million (US$12 million) worldwide on a budget of 340 million (US$4.3 million). The film also won several awards and nominations at various ceremonies, including four Filmfare Awards for Best Actress (Bhatt), Best Actor (Critics) (Shahid Kapoor), Best Editing and Best Dialogue.

The Conclusion

Udta Punjab is a film that deserves to be watched for its brave and honest portrayal of a serious issue that affects millions of people in India and beyond. The film does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of drug abuse and its consequences on the individual and the society. The film also does not offer any easy solutions or preachy messages, but rather leaves the viewers with a sense of hope and responsibility.

The film is also a testament to the power of cinema as a medium of expression and social change. The film faced many challenges and controversies before its release, but it managed to overcome them and reach the audience with its strong content and quality. The film also proved that the audience is ready to accept and appreciate films that are different and daring, and not just follow the formulaic and cliched norms of mainstream cinema.

Udta Punjab is a film that will stay with you long after you watch it. It will make you think, feel and act. It will make you aware of the problem of drug abuse and its impact on the youth. It will also make you appreciate the efforts of those who are trying to fight against this menace and save lives. Udta Punjab is a film that will inspire you to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

So, if you are looking for a film that is entertaining, engaging and enlightening, then Udta Punjab 1080p Hindi Movies is the one for you. You can watch it online for free or download it from the best sites in 2023. But remember, don't do drugs, do Udta Punjab!

The Cast and Crew

Udta Punjab boasts of a stellar cast and crew who have delivered outstanding performances and work in the film. The film features four of the most talented and versatile actors of Bollywood: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh. Each of them has played a challenging and unconventional role that showcases their acting skills and range.

Shahid Kapoor plays Tommy Singh, a drug-addicted Punjabi singer who undergoes a transformation after meeting Pinky. Shahid Kapoor has given one of his best performances in the film, portraying the character's highs and lows with conviction and charisma. He has also sung some of the songs in the film, adding to his character's authenticity.

Alia Bhatt plays Kumari Pinky, a migrant laborer from Bihar who becomes a victim of drug abuse and violence. Alia Bhatt has surprised everyone with her bold and brave performance in the film, playing a character that is completely different from her previous roles. She has also learned to speak in Bihari accent and done her own stunts in the film, proving her dedication and versatility.

Kareena Kapoor plays Dr. Preet Sahani, a doctor who runs a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and teams up with Sartaj to expose the drug racket. Kareena Kapoor has given a mature and restrained performance in the film, playing a character that is strong and compassionate. She has also shared a great chemistry with Diljit Dosanjh, making their scenes together memorable.

Diljit Dosanjh plays Sartaj Singh, a corrupt police officer who changes his ways after his brother becomes a drug addict. Diljit Dosanjh has made his Bollywood debut with this film, and he has impressed everyone with his natural and nuanced performance. He has also brought his charm and humor to the film, making his character likable and relatable.

The film is directed by Abhishek Chaubey, who has previously directed films like Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya. He has shown his mastery over the craft of filmmaking with this film, creating a gripping and realistic narrative that keeps the viewers hooked. He has also handled the sensitive subject matter with care and sensitivity, without compromising on the artistic vision.

The film is co-written by Sudip Sharma, who has also written films like NH10 and Sonchiriya. He has written a brilliant screenplay for the film, weaving together four different stories that converge at a point. He has also written dialogues that are witty, sharp and impactful.

The film is produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Sameer Nair and Aman Gill under Balaji Motion Pictures in association with Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and Vikramaditya Motwane under Phantom Films. They have backed this film despite all the challenges and controversies, showing their faith and support for the content-driven cinema.

The Music

Udta Punjab has a rocking soundtrack that complements the theme and mood of the film. The music is composed by Amit Trivedi, who has given some of his best songs for this film. The songs are catchy, energetic and meaningful, reflecting the emotions and situations of the characters.

The film features six songs: Chitta Ve, Da Da Dasse, Ikk Kudi (Reprised Version), Ud-Daa Punjab, Hass Nach Le and Vadiya. The songs are sung by various singers like Babu Haabi , Shahid Mallya , Kanika Kapoor , Vishal Dadlani , Amit Trivedi , Diljit Dosanjh , Shahid Kapoor , Alia Bhatt , etc. The lyrics are written by Shellee , Varun Grover , Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi .

The songs have become popular among the listeners and have received positive reviews from the critics. The songs have also added to the appeal and success of the film.

The Impact

Udta Punjab has made a significant impact on the society and the industry with its bold and honest portrayal of the drug issue in Punjab. The film has raised awareness and sparked a debate about the problem of drug abuse and its consequences on the youth and the nation. The film has also inspired many people to join the fight against drugs and support the cause of rehabilitation and prevention.

The film has also influenced the political scenario in Punjab, as it exposed the involvement of some politicians and police officers in the drug racket. The film also highlighted the plight of the farmers and the migrants who are exploited and forced into drug addiction. The film also showed the role of the media and the judiciary in exposing and resolving the issue.

The film has also set a new benchmark for the Bollywood industry, as it proved that films with strong content and quality can succeed at the box office and win critical acclaim. The film also showed that films with unconventional and risky subjects can find an audience and appreciation. The film also challenged the censorship norms and defended the creative freedom of filmmakers.

Udta Punjab is a film that has made a difference in many ways. It is a film that has not only entertained but also educated and empowered the viewers. It is a film that has not only shown the problem but also given hope and courage to solve it. It is a film that has not only made history but also changed it. b99f773239


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