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You will need a copy of the Kickstart ROM and Workbench disk images, version 3.0 or 3.1. This is still under copyright, and at least the Workbench images can be bought from They can also be found on several places on the Internet, as usual DuckDuckGo is your friend.


Then, press F12 to enter the WinUAE settings and go to CD & Hard Drives. Now you need to add the System.hdf file that you extracted from the Classic WB archive you downloaded in Step 1. Click Add Hardfile and select the System.hdf file. Make sure that the HD Controller is UAE, and name the device DH2. You should set boot prio to 1 (not 0).

Now, use DOPUS again to copy the files from PC to DH1. If you did not unpack the archives earlier you can use Arc Ext to extract all the archives, buy you will have to do it folder by folder. I copied them to DH1:Gamesand DH1:Demos, but you can organise your files however you want.

Unlike the other efforts on here that are largely about adding more features to AmigaOS, this effort is Gaming Focus and designed to make the AmigaOs invisible and take you straight into a nice easy navigable menu that gives you direct access to Amiga games. Arcade Game Selector program allows you to navigate a library of games like iGame, but in a full screen app and can work/navigated with just a simple Joypad, it has been used a lot to make CD32 compilation CDs. MegaAGS is designed to be the ultimate amiga game collection hard drive, mainly targeted for FPGA Boards like the Minimig but can work on classic Amiga and emulation systems.

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